The study of relative abundance of reptiles in major habitats of Central Zagros


Kamran Kamali, Omid Mozafari, Barbod Safaei Mahroo, Hanyeh Ghafari

The First National Seminar on Threats to Biodiversity Lose in the Central Zagros, Isfahan, Iran; 01/2011

The study of priorities of habitat selection, based on a variety of reptile species, and identification of important areas is of importance in order to protect these species within Central Zagros Study Area, because ignoring this point in selection, protection and management of the habitats and neglecting reptiles within Central Zagros –which occupies one fourth of the country- results in rational selection of areas with identical habitat conditions (generally forests). As a result, the habitats of many reptiles, some of which are endemic to those areas are not protected which in the long term leads to elimination of some species. Zagros reptiles were studied within four provinces covering Central Zagros Area from April to Dec 2010, and 12 families, 30 genera and 37 species were identified during 88 field days. The study method was in the form of identification and counting along some linear transects. According to the results, reptiles of Central Zagros prefer rocky mountainous habitats, hills, plains, man-made habitats, forested mountains and aquatic habitats. In other words, the reptiles diversity is higher in rocky mountains and also hills